Welcome to spack.nu...

"What the *&%^$ is a 'spack'?", you ask. Well... 'spack' isn't exactly an easy thing to define. See, 'spack' is an all-purpose word. It can be used for anything. It can be used in place of any part of speech, and can have any meaning the speaker intends. For instance, "Where's my spackin' tool box?" is just as valid as "Spack off!" as is "You're such a spack". Or, for times when no ordinary words will suffice [ie. you're speechless] simply bursting forth with a resounding "SPACK!" is a great substitute and works wonders for keeping the conversation going...[or in some cases bringing it to a screeching halt].

Apparently, there is also a band called 'SPACK' and they have a website called: SPACK Grindpage . They seem to have originated in Paris, and apparently they are [according to MP3.com] classified as "Hardcore Punk" I don't know how they came up with 'Spack' as a band name though. It might say on the web site, but I don't read French. If anyone knows, or can determine why they picked that name, feel free to email me [the address at the bottom of this page] and let me know.


There will be much more to this page later on. This is just something to whet your appetite for now. Feel free to check out my slightly more personal page at https://fearthepenguin.net , though there's really not much there yet either. But... "Patience grasshopper" the pages will grow... :)


If you have any questions or comments about this page, please email ender(at)spack(dot)nu [Insert @ and . where they belong]